The James Extra Chicken Coop Hen House and Chicken Run

The James Extra Chicken Coop Hen House and Chicken Run

Chicken House with large walk in Chicken Run is suitable for keepers who are unable to let their Chickens free range due to predators or garden restrictions, an easy clean fox proof Chicken Coop

  • Fabulous woodenart quality and innovation
  • A very easy to clean Chicken House with the floor and nest boxes set at the perfect working height
  • The House is a very spacious 3 feet wide x 3 feet 6 inches deep, is well ventilated and suitable for 6 - 8 Chickens. The House stands 5 feet 6 inches tall at the highest point , has 2 removable perches for cleaning and there is a large door at the front for easy access and cleaning. The additional Chicken Run underneath the House is meshed as standard
  • The sliding pop hole door is a very neat system that slides on internal runners and is operated outside of the Chicken House by a pull cord
  • The roofed Chicken Run is 5 feet 8 inches long and is 6 feet deep. The Run roofing stops the run becoming a mud bath in the Winter and is of Onduline and matches the Hen House roofing.
  • The Run extends underneath and at the back of the Hen house to give an effective Run length of 8 feet 8 inches , the Run stands 5 feet 6 inches at the front giving easy access into the run. 2 mid height perches are fitted to the Run
  • The Chicken House, Chicken Run and Nest Boxes all have Onduline roofing which is the preferred roofing for Poultry as it does not harbour parasitic red mite unlike felt plus it wears much better than felt roofing, it also allows vital air circulation through the Housing
  • The large Nest Box has access outside of the House for egg collection via a drop down door and are set at a height that makes for easy egg collecting and inspection
  • The Chicken House and Chicken Run assembled together gives a footprint of 8 feet 8 inches long x 6 feet deep, the Nest Box overhangs by another 14 inches. The whole assembly is mounted onto tanalised bearers
  • All framework is smooth square planed Redwood and is screwed together for strength and durability
  • The House Run and Nest Boxes are treated with minimum of 2 applications of a high quality preservative in a beautiful rich Golden Brown colour as standard
  • The mesh used on the Chicken Run is 19 gauge galvanised weld mesh for strength, durability and fox protection
  • Additional Option - The underneath of the Chicken House, the Chicken Run end and back of the Chicken House can be fully weather boarded to make a complete closed end to give shelter to the Chickens from driving wind and rain, we also create a small door under the main Chicken House door so feeders and drinkers can be placed underneath the Chicken House.        
  • Additional Option - The Chicken Run length can be increased by adding panels in modules of approx 3 feet long, each module has a front and back panel plus Onduline roofing with supports. 
  • Additional Option - VSBi Automatic Door Openers can be fitted inside the House and will take care of opening and closing the pop hole door.
  • Additional Option - We can finish our Housing in many colours, we use mainly Cuprinol Garden Shades or the Farrow and Ball range of exterior paints. 
  • Additional Option - Extra deep base bearers which are tanalised rot proof bearers which are assembled on site and the whole assembly is built onto them. These extra deep rails act as a kick board and raise the height by a couple of inches, they also provide a sturdy strong platform onto which we build the Chicken House and Run. 
  • Additional Option- Mesh Aprons can be fitted around the perimeter of our Chicken Houses and Chicken Runs and will prevent a fox from digging/scratching into the Run.
  • Please contact us for details and pricing of our Additional Options
We personally deliver and install our Chicken Houses and Chicken Runs, we charge only for the round trip mileage based on your postcode from WV5 7EE, we install for free. Please contact us with your postcode or telephone 07874 150313 for delivery costs and current lead times

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