VSBi Automatic Pop Hole Door Opener

New VSBi Automatic Pop Hole Door Opener

We are fitting more and more Automatic Door Openers to our Chicken Houses, and having used them for a number of years now can only say what a hand reliable gadget they are ! Great for the later risers amongst us or those of us who appreciates a glass or two of red happy in the knowledge that our chickens are out doing what chickens do early in the morning and that they will be secure in their Chicken House whilst we may be out working or maybe in the Bar !

We always use the VSBi model which allows us to fit the unit to the inside of the Chicken House tucked away from our Great British weather whilst keeping the clean lines and good lucks of the chicken House. The VSBi model opens and closes the pop hole door in the Chicken House according to the light conditions i.e. closes at dusk, opens at dawn

The price is for a VSBi unit fitted and working on your Chicken House, pop one into your shopping cart along with your Chicken House

For the technically minded, below is the information from the German suppliers

electronic doorkeeper - the latest generation

This automatic control device can be used wherever a vertical sliding gate is to be opened and closed in response to light conditions at dawn and dusk, for instance, on a henhouse, etc.

The sensitivity of the system is adjustable. Using our timers, it is possible to open and to close the sliding gate according to the time setting or to open it according to the time setting and to close it in response to the light conditions at dusk

The VSB unit is suitable for outside installation, is weatherproof, can readily be exposed to sunlight and is insensitive to lightning strike.

Mounting is very easy: Open the sliding gate, fasten it on the VSB unit and insert the batteries.

The lower stop will be automatically "chosen" by the sliding gate, i.e., when the latter reaches the lower position.
The maximum stroke length of 50 cm can be increased, upon request. The system makes it also possible to operate several sliding gates via idlers.

Power supply: 4 type AA (LR6) alkaline batteries.

Latest Modifications:

  Compact geared motor with steel gears ensuring extremely long life.
  Battery life now 3 to 4 years with an HS sliding gate or 2 years with a 1.5-kg sliding
    gate featuring a 50-cm lift.
  Doorkeeper operates considerably more quietly now.
  Thanks to 40-kg breaking strength, the rope can hardly break any more.
  Electronic shutdown of motor within one second when the sliding gate is blocked.
    Once the blockage is removed, the sliding gate will be opened within three minutes.
The strain on the batteries is virtually negligible.
  Tensile force: 200 g to to 3 kg, with idler UR on the sliding gate (pulley) 6 kg

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