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   chicken coops and cat runs made in the UK

woodenart proudly makes beautiful chicken coops, outdoor cat runs and cat houses

We are a traditional company that provides a personal and friendly service, we always deliver when we say we will and our quality is second to none. All our products are made in our workshop, we do not and will not import and sell poor quality flat pack items. We will deliver and erect your chicken coop, cat run, duck house or dog kennel. We are flattered that many of our products have been copied by others, we just hope that they pay their taxes like us !

Our range of practical easy clean chicken coops, chicken runs and chicken pens, cat houses and cat runs, duck sheds and dog kennels are handcrafted to the highest standard and are delivered and assembled personally by ourselves. Your Chicken Coop or Cat Run will look as good as it did in our workshop.

The VSBi Pop Hole Opener can be fitted to most of our chicken coops neatly and effectively. We also make chicken pens to customer specification. If you like a particular chicken coop but it doesn't quite suit your space or you'd like a modification then please tell us as it can be made.
As experienced Poultry keepers, if we make, deliver and assemble your chicken house, we will give you lots of advice and tips to make your chicken keeping go smoothly. We also make chicken pens to customer specification.

Our Outdoor Cat Houses and Cat Runs are used by all cats, moggies to exotics and are designed for ease of use by the cat and owner, again if you've seen an outdoor cat kennel or cat run you like but would like it made a little different, please tell us. A Cat Run is a safe environment for your cat.

We have made many variations of Housing for pets and animals over the years and what you see on our website is just a sample, we can make an Enclosure, Coop, Kennel or Run to suit any shape or size of available space, just contact us to discuss your requirement.

If you have any questions or need advice, just ask.


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Everybody comments on the lovely smell of timber in our workshop, I remember that smell too; sadly these days I can't distinguish that smell I've become a plank like the rest of the timber!

woodenart Chicken Houses featured in a very good Chicken Keeping article in the Metro paper, so if your riding public transport look out for my quotes and Chicken House pictures !

Otley Agricultural college erecting 2 of our Chicken Houses with Chicken Runs (William model) to be used for the Poultry Keeping courses run by Lesley from Henschool.

Somerset and cider, I think we installed a chicken coop

2 days of sunshine made for happy people and little canine people. A James Hen House installation awaits for us on Sunday, anyone know what the weather might bring ? Wait, I don't want to know. Chicken Coop Express is full steam ahead !

A few days of sunshine which was very pleasant, what wasn't pleasant was the 2 hours of traffic jam around Hyde Park in central London which upset our schedule somewhat, good job the customer was delighted with their new Chicken Coop :)

In North Yorkshire erecting a customised Cat Run for a customer, on the way back we detoured through Bradford and saw a Rag and Bone man with a Horse and Cart, haven't seen one of those for many years, I guess the tough economic climate has got folks out making money in which way they can, he didn't have any goldfish :(

3 feet of snow in the Peak District meant this particular Chicken Coop and Run went back into the workshop to have a sleep waiting for the snow to thaw!

Cat Runs aplenty this month. Norwegian Forest Cats are very popular aren't they, beautiful cats just longing to get outside into their Cat Runs

I digress, we have been very busy with Cat Runs !

July saw us making and erecting a rather nice cat run for some very spoiled Burmese cats :) and then some more Burmese ! The plums on our trees look like they are going to break the boughs, what a great year for fruit. Our James Super Chicken Coops are extremely popular this month, we're taking them all over England and Wales.

October is turning into one of the best months weatherwise, freakishly good ! We seem to be spending a lot of time in and around London installing our Cat Runs and Chicken Housing, Londons a great place but it's great to get back to Shropshire.

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